Help for crisis-hit special school in Blurton


The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation has come to the aid of a special school for children with cognitive and learning difficulties.

Kemball School Blurton


Kemball School at Blurton, which has 167 pupils, provides all children with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy exercise. It specialises in rebound therapy which involves using a trampoline to help children with movement, exercise and communication.

The Coaching Foundation is donating £18,000 to pay for two full-time therapists after the School ran out of funding.

Head Teacher Lisa Hughes explains: “This form of therapy is particularly important for children who have complex needs and struggle to access any other form of exercise. It’s also great for enhancing communication. Children who rarely smile are always really happy on the trampoline and quiet children become more confident. 

“Unfortunately, our funding had come to an end so we are really grateful for the Foundation’s grant which means that rebound therapy can continue full-time in the next academic year. It is wonderful news and we are very grateful.”

The Foundation was formed in 2000 following the death of the former Stoke City, Blackpool and England international legend, to create opportunities for youngsters to develop in sport following Sir Stan’s philosophy of ‘respect and right attitude in sport..and life.’ Now it’s pledging to bring rebound therapy to every special needs school in the UK by providing their staff with free courses to enable them to qualify to become coaches.

Patron Jean Gough, Sir Stan’s daughter, said: “The Foundation is very proud that Kemball School is bringing about its vision of helping young people of any ability to learn life skills through sport to the best of their ability. The physical, mental, educational and, above all, freedom and fun with rebound therapy is amazing to see. That is another reason why we would like to bring this therapy to every special needs school in the country.”

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