BGC Charity Day 2017



The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation stands to be one of the beneficiaries of funds distributed by a global investment company.

BGC donates all its revenues achieved on September 11 to various charities in order to remember over 600 of their staff and friends who perished during the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001.

Foundation Patron Jean Gough explains: “Our charity is tiny compared to many others so the help we get from BGC makes such a phenomenal difference to us and the work we are able to do. Their financial contribution goes straight into helping youngsters regardless of ability or background to develop their life skills through taking part in sport. And donations also go towards coaching youngsters as well as training them to become coaches, so the circle of life is continuous. The effect of all this on young people is both important and remarkable.

“BGC takes a genuine interest in how the money is used. We wouldn’t be able to do much of what we do without their support and we are extremely grateful. We have the backing of such sporting superstars as Harry Kane, Eric Dier, Adam Peaty and Jo Konta which makes it so special for a small charity like ours.”

The Foundation’s aim is to continue the legacy and values of Sir Stanley Matthews who believed in respect and right attitude in sport; to develop young people’s life skills through taking part in sport; and to involve youngsters worldwide regardless of their ability or background.

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Help to continue the vision of Sir Stan. Every penny goes to supporting young people in sports.