Rebound Therapy Course Update


Over the next few years we will have a need for more Rebound Therapy training course tutors in certain areas.

Rebound Therapy is growing rapidly in the UK. We will have run 120 training courses this year and our new partnership and mission with the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation will accelerate the growth and increase the need for more training courses. We need to plan for and be ready to accommodate this growth, and over the next few years we will have a need for more Rebound Therapy training course tutors in certain areas. Our tutors come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. All have worked with disabilities for many years, are experienced in Rebound Therapy and trampoline activities and have excellent presenting skills. They are engaged to run training courses when the need arises, as professional consultants who claim a generous fee. We have a mentoring programme for prospective tutors and if you feel that running training courses for Rebound Therapy may be for you, please email your expression of interest and C.V. to

Rebound therapy

Stirling 9th and 10th October. Please use this link for further information and the booking form:

Coventry 2nd and 3rd November. £225. To book please contact Joanne Jones, the organiser direct on email: or tel: 02476 369500

Exeter 3th and 4th January 2018. £210. To book please contact Maggie Garrett, the organiser direct on email: or tel: 01392 454200

Kilmarnock 22nd and 23rd March 2018.  £235. This link will take you to the booking form:

Grangemouth, Stirlingshire 7th and 8th June 2018. £230. This link will take you to the booking form:

Kilmarnock 29th and 30th November 2018. £242. This link will take you to the booking form:

Rebound Plus course confirmed in Bromsgrove - 8th and 9th November 2017 - Chadsgrove School and Sports College, Bromsgrove, West Midlands - Cost £275
Course Outline and Postal Application Form: or Book and Pay Online:
The 'Rebound Plus' course is a two-day add-on module for those who have already completed the Rebound Therapy training course.
It is designed to equip candidates to help their more able students progress beyond Rebound Therapy and start the transition into mainstream trampolining exercises.
The course covers grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada development scheme ( ) and is therefore also suitable for mainstream beginners.
This special needs trampoline coach course is also suitable for teaching mainstream beginners and is step 2 of 3 on the Gymnastics UK pathway to recreational mainstream trampoline coaching. ( )
Please phone '' on 01342 870543 to confirm space availability before sending payment.

Weekend courses. Most training courses are held during the week because that is where the most demand is, but for some people weekend courses are preferable. Weekend courses are held in Stockport. This link will take you to open Rebound Therapy courses (scroll down for the Stockport weekend courses): And this link will take you to open 'Rebound Plus' add-in modules:

We are often asked for advice on insurance for trainers who set up their own sessions. Whilst we are not qualified to advise on insurance, and could not recommend one company over another, a reasonably priced and very easy to buy insurance is shown on the Gymnastics UK website. You can arrange cover for just about any sport or activity you teach (not just Rebound Therapy) and it also covers personal trainers. You just type in a box all the sports and activities you require cover for, and a quotation instantly pops up on your screen.
Here is the link to the page on the Gymnastics UK website:

The Winstrada website has been updated and made more 'user friendly'. You will know that the first three grades of their trampoline development programme are based entirely on the Rebound Therapy training course. Often when ordering awards online, people would order gymnastic awards when they wanted Rebound Therapy or trampolining awards, and vice versa. The new design has now made this virtually impossible.
Class record sheets and wallcharts are still available to download free of charge, as always.
When you get a minute, have a look around the new website. The address is:

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