Success for Sir Stanley Matthews Coach Jessica Magson


Jessica Magson

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club paddler Jessica Magson has become the first Sir Stanley Matthews Coach at the successful slalom club.

The Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation has been supporting Jessica for three years with her sporting achievements and her coaching qualifications.

This year Jessica attained her level one Coaching Paddlesport qualification with the foundations support and is thrilled to have become the first SSMCF Coach at the club.  This week Jessica met with Roger Davis, secretary of SSMCF to be presented with her Sir Stanley Matthews Coaches Jacket!

The foundation have supported other paddlers from the club in the past including World U23 C1M Champion Adam Burgess and Olympic Gold Medallist Joe Clarke. 

In 2017 the foundation have pledged to support a further two juniors from Stafford and Stone CC to achieve their level one coaching qualification.

Club chairman Dave Royle said “I am delighted that the Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation have chosen to support our coaching initiatives in this way.  It is of considerable benefit to the individuals personally, to the club and it’s members and to canoe slalom overall.”

Jessica has been assistant coaching at the club for the past three years with the new junior beginners that are recruited to the club each spring.  She began paddling with the club aged 10 as junior beginner herself and now a student at South Cheshire College Jess feels it’s important to put back into the club the support that she has received.  Jess hopes to continue her coaching training in the new year when British Canoeing launch their new “Coach Award” qualifications.

The club are looking forward to seeing Adam Burgess back at the club this Christmas before he heads off for his winter training.  Whilst Adam is home he puts on an activity day for the club members over the festive period.  This is particularly popular with the clubs junior paddlers.

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