About us - Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation

The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation was established in October 2000. The Icelandic Consortium was in charge and one of the directors, Peter Coates, the Chief Executive, Jez Moxey and Nigel Johnson "The voice of Stoke City" were the prime movers in setting up the Foundation and presenting it with two aims. The first was to create a statue in memory of Sir Stan who had died in February of that year. The second was to create opportunities for youngsters to develop their sporting disciplines.
A Foundation Committee was put in place and the first annual dinner was held in February 2001 to commemorate Sir Stan's birthday at the start of the month. This dinner has been the main fundraising event since the inception of the Foundation. Many important sporting icons have attended as guests of honour. The Foundation holds an annual Wear It With Pride Day which contributes to the finances. Many schools and businesses take part in this particular event. The Foundation appreciates any offers of financial support and methods of making payments are outlined on forthcoming pages.
Having created the statue, the emphasis became on teaching youngsters life skills through the taking part in sport. Individuals, clubs and groups apply for financial help and a sub-committee appraises the applications and makes grants where applicable. The focus is now on the training of coaches and with this we can give more youngsters more access to more sports.

The Centenary Year

The Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation is pledging to help more than 10,000 young people in Sir Stan’s Centenary Year 2015. We aim to achieve this by giving each of them access to high-class sporting experience in their local schools and sports clubs.

We encourage personal and social development through participation in sporting activities regardless of ability and over the past 8 years we have helped many thousands of young people to participate in sport. Our next five years commitment is to generate 500 coaches to continue the legacy of Sir Stanley Matthews.

In the past 12 months, 100 coaches have been trained giving them a lifetime career and enabling us to increase the numbers of young people we reach.
All of our coaches and pupils benefit from learning the Stanley Matthews approach to playing and learning with integrity and fairness, we believe this separates the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation from other more traditional sporting charities.

To reach our goal, we aim to raise more than £100,000 through a series of high-profile events throughout the year.


Our People

The Patron of the Foundation is Jean Gough, Sir Stan's daughter who was present at the inaugural meeting in October 2000. Jean was a physical education lecturer and a professional tennis coach in South Africa.
The Foundation president is Jimmy Arnfield CBE the former Blackpool and England footballer and well known broadcaster.
The chairman of the Foundation is Nigel Johnson, a retired headteacher who was instrumental in setting up the committee in 2000 and is involved in local radio sports broadcasting.
The current committee comprises of individuals who came from various backgrounds. Areas of expertise which are covered by committee members include accountancy, management, banking, industry, education, and various areas of business. We are fortunate to have two former Lord Mayors of Stoke-on-Trent who are actively involved. There is representation from Stoke City Football Club and the Foundation has a sound relationship with the club.


Our Vision

Our vision is for more young people to have more access to more sports.
Young people should not be excluded from participating in sport due to their financial circumstances or sporting ability. Not every youngster will reach the top level of their chosen sport, but everyone can benefit from the fitness, sportsmanship, perseverance and other skills that are fostered when taking part in a sport of any type.
We are committed to ensuring that every young person can benefit from the benefits that sport brings. We will continue to reach out to as many youngsters as we can, whatever their ability or background.


Sir Stanley Matthews Statue


The Statue

The Icelandic Consortium which was in charge at Stoke City FC requested the statue to be erected following Sir Stan's death in February 2000.
The statue was completed and unveiled in October 2001. It comprises three figurines which cover the sporting lifespan of Sir Stan. As you face the statue the figurine on the right shows him as a youngster at the start of his career, the central figure depicts his time as an England International in his late 20s and the one on the left shows him at the end of his career. The shirts, shorts and stockings are exact replicas of each depicted era. Likewise the boots, studs and balls. The plinth is shaped as a letter 'S' which relates to the word Stanley.
The initial cost of the statue was £210,000. It has been described as the finest sporting statue in the British Isles.
Kevin Keegan, the Manchester City and England Manager at that time, unvelied one of the figurines in conjunction with the Foundation's Patron. Jean Gough, Sir Stan's daughter. Two former Stoke players Terry Conroy and Eric Skeels together with three local school children unvelied the other two figurines.


The Museum

At Britannia Stadium, the home of Stoke City Football Club, there is a small museum containing memorabilia from Sir Stan's career. The museum was set up by the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation to celebrate his life and achievements.
Most of the items in the museum are on loan from the Gough family. There are many photographs of Stan showing the history of his life and some very fine pieces including the first European Footballer of the Year trophy.

Help to continue the vision of Sir Stan. Every penny goes to supporting young people in sports.