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Coach Harold working on some ball skills.


A visit from our ambassador Charlie Fogarty, who was a patient at the Trust after his accident.   Charlie's remarkable recovery is due in large part to the treatment and care he received here during his stay.


The Children's Trust, Surrey


One of our favourite projects is our partnership with the Children's Trust.  The Trust is a residential rehabilitation centre which is based in Tadworth in Surrey and helps in the rehabilitation of children with acquired brain injuries.  Each Monday we send two of our coaches along to work with a group of 8 - 10 children and set up sports themed training sessions in which they can join in.  Our objective in doing this is threefold:


- we want to help in the rehabilitation of the children through physical activities tailored specifically for them.

- we want to bring a sense of normality back into the lives of children who have found themselves staying at the Trust.

-  most importantly, we want the children to have fun!

The Children's Trust is an amazing place and it inspires us every time we go there.  The children are amazing - brave, determined, fun and with a love of life shining through while the staff who work there are dedicated, professional and totally committed to the children in their care.  For us it is a real honour to work with such a fantastic organisation and play even a small part in the rehabilitation of some of the most amazing children you could possibly hope to meet.


Want to help this project and own some iconic football art?

To help support this fantastic project financially we have teamed up with John Motson and the football art gurus at 'The Goal Hanger' who have produced some limited edition prints based on John's three favourite goals of all time.  If you would like to purchase the set please visit for full details.  And John's favourite goals?  The first is below, the second will please fans of Coventry City and the third is part of a famous England hat-trick, but probably not the one you think!  All proceeds from sales will be generously donated by The Goal Hanger to the Foundation where they will go directly to supporting this project.



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Working on balance and co-ordination.

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