City Engagement Programme


The City Engagement Programme is designed to make a difference in a particular town or city.  The Programme tackles local issues, providing training, volunteers and structure to make a huge difference right across a region or location.

Why do so many areas have particular issues?

  • Government has neither the expertise nor resources to cover every area's particular needs.

  • Community projects fill the gap but cannot recruit enough suitable people to run their programmes.

  • As a result, most community projects are run in isolation and are of varying quality.

  • This leads to a patchwork of offerings in towns and cities which often fails to meet local requirements.

The Solution

The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation has a four step programme for overcoming the issues in any given location:

1. Review the existing range of services and support

Objective: Determine local requirements and needs

2. Recruit and train local people

Objective: Start building the workforce needed to fulfil the need identified in Stage 1

3. External training and placements

Objective: Equip local people with the necessary skills and qualifications

4. Placement of trainees in community setting

Objective: Fill the gaps identified in Stage 1 with suitably trained people


1. Review the existing range of services and support - In the first stage we map and talk with existing community groups to understand their issues and identify where gaps and problems exist in the town or city.


2.Recruit and train local people - In the second stage we enrol local people in our training programme.  This gives participants a strong and common grounding in the seven values that anyone needs to embody if they are to be successful: Leadership, Resilience, Ownership and Responsibility, Innovation, Teamwork, Health and Nutrition, and Life Long Learning.

A world class expert has developed each area with, for example, Leadership led by Major General Paul Nanson, who oversaw training in the British Army for many years.

3. In the third stage we place those who have graduated from Stage 2 into the community.  This might involve someone becoming a football coach taking an FA level 1 qualification and volunteering at a grassroots club or it might be someone else training to become a volunteer cricket coach.  All placements are dictated by the specific need of the area and the interest of the person taking part.

4. Once qualified those who have gone through the programme are deployed as needed throughout the town or city.  With a larger workforce, trained in shared values, the issues within the community are brought under control.

The Benefits

  • Create jobs and opportunities in a town or city

  • Grow the workforce needed to service a town or city's community

  • Place people where they are needed and can make a difference

  • Transform your community for the better!

Next steps:  For more information or to discuss possible involvement please contact Paul Harbinson ( or to download the full brochure please click the link below.

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