Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dreams Through Sport


We want to help you achieve your dreams through taking part in sport.

It’s our vision to give young people regardless of background better access to all sports. One way is by learning to become a sports coach. And we believe that you should not be excluded from enjoying sport because of a lack of ability or financial circumstances.
We understand that not every youngster will reach the top of their favourite sport. But we do believe that with enthusiasm everyone can benefit from the fitness, sportsmanship, perseverance, teamwork and other skills achieved through taking part in any sport.
Since the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation, a registered charity, was formed in 2000 we have already helped 500,000 young people all over the world to enjoy sport. So, if your dream is to have a career in sport, the Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation can show you the way.

We want to help you achieve your potential – and, thanks to the Foundation, it’s all free. 

What’s the catch? There simply isn’t one. It’s all down to the legacy created by one great man – Sir Stanley Matthews, arguably England’s finest footballer whose philosophy was always ‘respect and right attitude in sport..and life.’ - read more here about Sir Stan
Anyone from 16 years old can begin to become a coach in your chosen sport whether it’s football, cricket or tennis, for example. We organise it all and foot the bill.
Also, we have exciting opportunities in a method helping with a variety of disabilities. It’s called Rebound Therapy and you can learn about it here
All our coaching schemes are approved and affiliated to their respective sporting bodies and all our coaches are fully qualified and CRB approved.
If you would like further information and want to talk to an organiser, please click here





Over £100,000 has been given out to applicants for the development of their sporting disciplines since 2005. The sporting emphasis has been across the spectrum. Sir Stan would have wished that youngsters should be encouraged to follow whichever discipline they wish to develop. As a result, the Foundation has covered a diverse range of sports including archery, athletics, canoeing, football, cricket, golf, martial arts, gymnastics, rugby and hockey.

Sir Stanley Matthews

Sir Stanley Matthews (1st February 1915 - 23rd February 2000) was an English footballer who was not only loved for his incredible skill at the game, but also for his gentlemanly attitude both on and off the pitch. The majority of Sir Stan's career was spent as a player for Stoke City. He was with the club from 1932-1947 and later from 1961-1965. He also played for Blackpool from 1947-1961. The Foundation retains a strong relationship with both clubs to this day.