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This isn't a Game

Statistics vary but according to reports by National Human Rights groups and independent NGOs, in India somewhere between 30,000 - 45,000 children 'disappear' each year. Many are sold for adoption; others are trafficked into slavery or the sex trade. While some are recovered and returned to their homes, others are not so fortunate. A large percentage are rejected by their families and, with nowhere to go, live in government institutions until the age of 18. At that point they have a stark choice of moving to another government home or living life on the streets.


These children are extremely vulnerable but you can change the direction of their lives. The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation has partnered with a number of NGOs in the city of Chennai to support 90 girls currently living in a government institution, providing additional literacy and numeracy tuition to help them catch up with their peers, sports coaching to increase health outcomes, and high quality vocational training to increase their chances of meaningful employment. The Foundation has also established partnerships with local businesses in Chennai, guaranteeing job interviews with respected and trusted employers.


Life has been exceptionally tough for these children. It has been unfair and it has been cruel. But it doesn't have to stay that way. In football we talk about players changing the outcome of a 90 minute match. You can change the outcome for 90 people! Please make a donation to the Foundation today to make a better future for these girls by clicking the 'Donate' button above. 

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