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Kratos FC


To carry on Sir Stan's links with Ghana we have set up a partnership with a local youth team called Kratos FC, which is based in the Kasoa region of the country.  Under the expert guidance of our Head Coach Mathias Donker, the club regularly brings in 150-200 players per week, playing at various age groups and taking part in local leagues.  For Mathias the link between Kratos FC and the Foundation is a vital one.  "I am glad to be associated with the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation" said Mathias, "It is very hard for us to get funding here and run these projects so having this support is a great help."


How can I help?


There are numerous ways to help this project.  We currently offer sponsorship packages where it is possible to sponsor a young player, a coach or even an entire team through their league season.  For full details of this opportunity please contact for further information.



As an organisation it has been very important for us to honour the memory of Sir Stan and carry on his legacy as much as possible.  That is why we felt that setting up a partnership with a youth football team in Ghana would be a fitting tribute to Sir Stan and his work in that after his retirement.


Sir Stan in Ghana


After winning the Ballon D'or Sir Stan visited Ghana to play a series of exhibition matches to help the country mark their independence.  Representing local side Accra Hearts of Oak he played in three matches against Kotoko, Sekondi Hasaacas and Kumasi Cornerstone, with all three games attracting a crowd of over 80,000 people.


"Matthews' visit had a tremendous impact," says football writer Fiifi Anaman. "When I spoke with some of the players about it, they said they couldn't believe Matthews came - it felt almost as if a god was walking among them."


After the series of matches Sir Stan was ceremonially crowned 'King of Ghana' and presented with a throne.  In later life Sir Stan went on to coach children and young people across Africa, working in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania.


The full story can be found here


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