What We Do and Why

The majority of our work focusses on disadvantaged children, both in the UK and overseas.

One reason for ongoing disadvantage is that essential life skills are not passed onto young people. Research by the Sutton Trust shows that while that there is widespread recognition of the need for such soft skills as confidence, motivation, resilience and communication, provision is distinctly lacking amongst deprived communities.

We provide young people with the extra-curricular activities they need to succeed in life, but which they, and perhaps their families, currently lack. We do this by developing and mentoring affiliated sports clubs. The type of sport is less important than the values imparted by the affiliate.

We focus on seven values that took Sir Stanley Matthews from humble beginnings to one of the most recognised sports people in the world. Every club and individual affiliated with the charity receives leading, tailored information, overseen by an expert in the field.


In this way, we will create rounded, integrated individuals able to help themselves, their communities and the wider world during their lifetimes. In short, they will live the values that made Sir Stanley such a force for good.

Our Trustees

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Matthew Gough


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Amanda Bray

Head of Finance

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Bob Gough



Stanley Matthews Jnr.


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Jean Matthews Gough, MBE


Executive Team

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Paul Harbinson

Chief Executive


Alan Baxter

Director of Coaching

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