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Team Practice

College and university partnerships

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Studying on the Grass

As an organisation we value young people very highly and understand how important it is to offer 'real world' experience to those at the start of their careers.  That is why we have created a special programme allowing schools, colleges and universities to work with us and which gives their students valuable experience working on projects tailored specifically for their course needs.

In practical terms this can range from working on a project in the UK where students can come alongside us for a week to work on a community sports event, looking at what it entails to organise and run an event of this nature, or we can organise to take students to our overseas projects, looking at the unique challenges each project faces and helping us develop our work.

The primary function of the Foundation is the delivery of sports programmes but, apart from sports coaching, students will also be able to get involved with project planning and implementation, sports analysis, training of coaches, media work and the many other aspects of work in which we are involved.

All programmes are tailored for the specific needs of the organisation with whom we are working.  If you would like further details please feel free to contact

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