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Case Studies

Kripa's Story - Kripa took part in the Sir Stanley Matthews project which aims to engage young people aged between 16-21.

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The Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation Project helps young people from areas considered to be the most deprived across Leeds to upskill themselves by completing Coaching, Umpiring or First Aid qualifications. The project aims to give Young People aged 16-21 an opportunity to further develop, gain confidence, improve on life skills and aid advancement into employment.

"Before I signed up for the Stanley Matthews project, I didn’t know a lot about cricket. However, during the course of the project, I was able to complete the following:

-ECB Level 1 Foundation coaching course
-First Aid training
-Level 1&2 ACO umpiring course

These courses really pushed me out of my comfort zone but the more I was exposed to it, I feel the easier it got and the more I enjoyed it.

From this, I can take away some vital skills and knowledge. Not only have I learnt the rules and the regulations of the game more thoroughly but also the spirit of cricket and the sportsmanship that is essential to keep the game alive.

I have developed skills that I can use in my everyday life.  During the cricket coaching, I learnt the importance of leaders and confidence. This will help me guide young cricketers as it allows everyone to try out new ideas and improve, whilst having fun.  Moreover, no cricket team in the world depends on just one or two players. This shows just how important teamwork really is.  Both coaching and umpiring has helped me to communicate more thoroughly and productively.  I also realised the importance of adaptability, especially in coaching, as it’s important to change and try different things to see what works best for the team.  I can proudly say I have personally improved on these skills throughout the duration of this project.  These skills are transferable, they’re especially useful for young people as it equips you:

-In colleges or universities
-Amongst your friends
-Or even possible future employers.

Over the past few months, I was able to meet a lot of new people through this project from all over the city from various backgrounds. I think I speak for everyone who took part.  I hope that I can take everything I’ve learned from the courses completed by the Sir Stanley Matthews Project and be able to give back not only to the sport of cricket but to the wider community."

Kripa Varghese

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