"Young people today, for all their awareness and sophistication with modern technical innovations, are still basically the same as youngsters in my day, no better, no worse. I am convinced that some people would benefit from taking up a sport, even a sociable kickabout with mates in the park. I've seen the value of youngsters playing football in just about every country in the world. That's why since my retirement as a player, I have travelled the globe preaching the gospel of football."

Sir Stanley Matthews


SSMCF provides young people with the extra-curricular activities they need to succeed in life, but which they, and perhaps their families, currently lack. We do this by developing and mentoring affiliated sports clubs. The type of sport is less important than the values imparted by the affiliate. In particular, we give best practice and expertise in the following areas:




Sir Stanley had great respect for his mother and father, the latter instilling a strong work ethic and focus on health and fitness. The charity stresses the importance of listening and respecting one's elders and keeping a secure family unit wherever possible.

Health and Nutrition

Sir Stanley put down much of his success over the decades to his focus on health. Rising at 6 am every day to do his first set of exercises, the great man never smoked or drank.


No one has had a longer football career in the top flight than Sir Stanley. The 15-minutes of fame, endless distractions and need for immediate gratification of our day would have gained short shrift.


Widely travelled, Sir Stanley had respect for people across the globe. Whether being described as an Argentinian or Brazilian footballer by South Americans or a 'black man with a white face' in Africa, Matthews gained respect in return.


'No matter what job I was given I applied myself to it fully.' This quote by a man whose career was shortened at its peak by the Second World War is an invaluable philosophy for young people everywhere.


Whether creating his own football boots or devising new skills to outwit opponents, Sir Stanley always looked at ways to improve. This outlook is perhaps more important than ever in a fast-changing, complicated world.


Winner of numerous awards, Sir Stanley was often embarrassed at being picked out individually – success for him was always a team affair.  SSMCF stresses the importance of collaboration and personal interactions.