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As children and young people grow it can be a challenge to keep them in clothes and shoes that fit them.  If you're a parent this is just a fact of life!  This is a problem for us at the Foundation as we have many children coming to our projects to play football without adequate footwear, or in some cases no footwear at all.  A donation of £20 will help buy a pair of football boots for an academy player and will also pay for maintainance of the boots, meaning that when the child has grown out of them they will then be cleaned and made available to another child who they will fit.

Football Boots for a Child in Uganda

  • The boots we buy are of good quality, are hard wearing and suitable for the surfaces found in Uganda.  After a child has grown out of them they will be thoriughly cleaned, any minor repairs needed will be made and they will then be passed on to the next child. 

  • On confirmtion of donation a personalised gift certificate will be sent to the recipent of your gift.

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