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Sport Tactics

Any sporting club or association can apply to the Foundation to join. However, to be accepted into the SSMCF family, projects need to be displaying our values to a minimum standard. Those that are turned down are advised as to how they can improve; they are free to reapply at a later date.


Those lucky enough to be accepted enter the SSMCF coaching programme. This consists of:


  • An annual coaching pack

The coaching pack gives advice and guidance on the seven values, each led by an expert. For instance, Samantha Davis, a Professor in medical nutrition at Texas Christian University in Dallas, is responsible for Health and Nutrition. She ensures that affiliate clubs have the latest information on the second value of SSMCF, a vital determiner of life success.


  • Coach and trainer development

We provide bespoke courses for SSMCF project trainers to develop the skills needed to invoke the seven values of Sir Stanley, as well as becoming better coaches in their own right. Where appropriate, such as where improvements in technical ability would be beneficial, we send coaches on external courses, such as those provided the Football Association.


  • Coaching newsletter

A monthly newsletter is sent to all affiliates. As well as providing general news and information from the family of clubs, it also includes case studies of best practice. Examples of how the values translate into better outcomes for the children are featured as well.


  • Annual assessment

Each Club undergoes an annual assessment to determine how much it has improved over the Year. This also gives an overall performance rating. Bespoke advice and recommendations are given as to how further improvements can be made. The review also informs our approach to instilling Sir Stanley's values as we can see what is working well.

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